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Triton Capital

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When our contact at Triton Capital first reached out to us, he expressed that he was so unhappy with the website another agency built for him he “would have rather taken the money and set it on fire.” We’ve rescued plenty of clients from previously bad experiences, but we knew we really had something to prove here. Getting a new website doesn’t have to hurt, and in fact, it should be fun and exciting. We were promised a hug if the project went well. And yeah, we hugged it out.

Our process for Triton Capital involved a lot of research and UX testing. The main goal for the site was to bring in leads and get users to apply for the small business funding that Triton offers. It was important, however, that the site remain true to the brand and company culture. The team at Triton prides themselves on great customer service and the amicable business relationships with other small businesses. Our challenge was to drive traffic like the big guys, but not feel like the big guys. Not only did we provide a smooth experience for the user, but we empowered the team at Triton to refine their entire process for capturing new leads - a huge step for growing their business.

We kept the design simple and straightforward. In conjunction with creating the new site we refreshed the Triton brand to solidify a fully branded experience, from web to print. The result was design and marketing that makes the audience feel secure and confident. In addition, we helped Triton establish their brand image of being experienced, reliable and caring.


Marketing Collateral
Responsive Website
Custom CMS
CRM Integration
UX for Sales Funnel
Marketing & Content Strategy
Support and Maintenance

Company Information

  • Client Since: 2015
  • Industry: Small business lending
  • Located at: San Diego, CA
Launch Site

We put together a brand guide to support the usage of Triton's rebranding.

We established elements such as logo, color palette, imagery, tone of voice, and more.

Several logo options were considered throughout the process.

We explored rounds of revisions both internally, and with client feedback.

The result: a more modern and cohesive brand identity. (Original logos on left).

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