TM5150 provided SISU with a digital platform to support the launch and growth of this start up Brand.


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SISU started up in 2010 as a niche luxury accessory Brand on a mission to inspire by displaying a high degree of integrity, sportsmanship and compassion through product, design and actions.

SISU came to TM5150 requesting a solution for a digital platform that not only presented their products with the option to buy online, but also one that communicated the sheer size and quality of the watches.

While there is no replacement for experiencing what it feels like to wear a 1lb time piece on your wrist, TM5150 designed a site that represents the product and Brand in a beautiful and effective way. By featuring product specs with oversized high quality images of each watch with multiple angles, visitors get a clear understanding of the craftsmanship and size for each watch.


Brand Platform
Digital Marketing
Maintenance and Support

Company Information

  • Client Since: 2012
  • Industry: Luxury Watches
  • Located at: Carlsbad, CA
Launch Site
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