TM5150 provided a complete solution that opened up Pass Naplex Now's business to a much larger audience and helped increase revenue.

Pass Naplex Now

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Pass Naplex Now (PNN) is an educational service that provides live and online courses for students taking the Naplex and CPJE exams for pharmacy. Working within a small but competitive niche, PNN needs a digital platform that can support their online marketing as well as their online educational programs.

In the middle of 2011, Pass Naplex Now was referred to TM5150 by long-time client, Ignite Health. They had an existing website that supported their basic needs, but were looking to grow their business and offer their live course in an online format.

TM5150 provided a solution that elevated their presence and opened up their business to access a much larger percentage of their available target market.

Part of the solution that TM5150 provided was refreshing the PNN brand and website design, giving them a look that matched the prestige of their higher educational service. TM5150 also worked with PNN to produce their 60+ hour video course which is available for registered students from the website.

While a small group of students continue to register for live courses each semester, PNN reaches a much larger audience of students that register for the online video course. The benefit of being able to watch the course any time, on any device, is an enormous help for PNN’s students and the success rate of PNN.


Small Business Platform
Advanced Custom System
Content Production

Company Information

  • Client Since: 2011
  • Industry: Education
  • Located at: Irvine, CA
Launch Site

Concept for video player when student is logged in.

Videos uploaded and fed through third party platform.

Secure login with activity monitoring to prevent sharing accounts.

Bookmarking allows for notes to be taken at specific points during the lessons.

Custom built video player.

Register for online and live courses.

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