"TM5150 is a great team and in the two decades I've been doing this shit, TM5150 is the best I've worked with.”
Geoff Cunningham - Creative Director


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Golf + Art + Beach. Linksoul is more a philosophy than a brand. It’s the collective life’s work of a group of people that care about each other and enjoy collaborating. And they needed a partner to help build a new brand platform that they could manage and build over time, along with their ideology.

Linksoul was referred to TM5150 by long-time client Pro Performance Sports (SKLZ). John Ashworth, company President and Creative Director at Linksoul, was looking to take their website to the next level and needed a creative and reliable partner to make it happen. From the first meeting it was apparent that Linksoul and TM5150 were a great fit for the challenge at hand. True collaboration and hard work followed to launch the new Linksoul.com. The website features a product catalog with e-commerce functionality, blog and artist gallery; all features designed to support the different tangents of the Linksoul Brand.

Following the successful launch of the new platform, TM5150 helped Linksoul bring their revolutionary vision of B2B sales to life. Together, TM5150 and Linksoul worked to produce a system that streamlined the business-to-business sales process by bringing it into the web space. Linksoul sales reps now input orders on the spot when meeting with retail partners, from anywhere at any time and with much greater efficiency. From the B2B sales platform, sales reps can also send invites to customers to view product categories online when face-to-face meetings aren’t possible. All orders are processed securely from the web browser, saving time, money and paper work.

“I think it's great! Having an online B2B website like this is really going to help us reach more sales opportunities and grow our business. Our retail partners are finding our B2B website really easy to use. They love it!” John Ashworth, President


Brand platform
B2B Sales Platform
On-going Support and Maintenance

Company Information

  • Client Since: 2011
  • Industry: Apparel
  • Located at: Oceanside, CA

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