"TM5150 is awesome to work with. They are talented, motivated and really connected with us. They brought out the best in our Brand."
Ted T. Okuno - Managing Director of Fairtex America, Inc


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Fairtex was referred to TM5150 by Adidas Combat Sports in early 2014. Having proven their expertise in the industry, TM5150 was a company that understood the brand’s heritage and the Muay Thai culture.

Fairtex was founded in 1971 and is regarded around the world as the premier producer of Muay Thai training gear. They also have a proud history in training and promoting world class Muay Thai fighters. Authenticity with this brand is imperative.

When TM5150 first started on the project, the Fairtex brand website had been down for several months and revenue opportunities were being lost daily. Fairtex needed a reliable brand platform with an integrated E-Commerce as well, and they needed it ASAP. TM5150 brought in Landis White, as a Digital Strategy specialist and authority on martial arts, and together they were able to successfully relaunched Fairtex.com within two months of project kick-off.

Fairtex achieved immediate success with online sales, benefiting from a website that now has an excellent user experience and is supported by a reliable platform.


Brand Platform
Content Production
Digital Marketing
On-going support and maintenance

Company Information

  • Client Since: 2014
  • Industry: Sports Gear
  • Located at: Gardena, CA
Launch Site

Shopify admin allows for quick and easy updates.

Sales focused designs and marketing campaigns.

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