TM5150 teams up with Adrenaline Lacrosse to build and integrate an advanced registration platform.

Adrenaline Lacrosse

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Adrenaline Lacrosse is a company that is committed to setting the mark within the sport they are dedicated to, as well as the social connections around them. TM5150 began working with Adrenaline in 2007, designing websites and email campaigns for their apparel brand and retail location.

In 2010, Adrenaline had a new request for TM5150: “build an advanced registration platform” that can replace the third-party software they had been using. While the solution they had been using at the time was sufficient, Adrenaline wanted to gain complete control over the front-end user experience and the technology that powers it so that they could ensure they would be able to meet the needs of their company’s growth over time.

TM5150 worked closely with Adrenaline to understand all the requirements the platform would need to support, from parents and players, coaches and club directors, to Adrenaline’s internal accounting and event planning teams.

Since the registration platform launched, parents and players continue to benefit from a registration process that is simple and secure. It is also easy for parents and players to keep up to date with schedules, news and scores on the Adrenaline mobile app, which integrates with the platform’s API. Coaches and directors benefit from managing communications with the players on their teams, as well as tracking player payment status. Adrenaline’s administrators benefit from the power and control they have when it comes to managing every aspect of the registration process; from event setup to accounting reports, it’s all there.

The registration system TM5150 designed and developed for Adrenaline Lacrosse is truly a complete solution, built on a secure and scalable platform that continues to support every aspect of Adrenaline’s events and leagues.


Advanced Registration System
Mobile Web App
Content Management System

Company Information

  • Client Since: 2007
  • Industry: Sports
  • Located at: San Diego, CA
Launch Site

Secure login to the system. Account options available for quicker registrations and saving customer information.

Detail of player registration UI in its beginning stages.

Integrated custom payment gateway.

Starz Leagues custom page.

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