"To say they are easy to work with doesn't cover it; you learn from TM5150, you are inspired by TM5150 to focus and refine your digital strategy."
Scott Viscomi - Managing Director at adidas Combat Sports USA

adidas Combat Sports USA

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In late 2013, adidas, the mega brand that needs no introduction, made the move to open up distribution to the United States for their “combat sports” product line under the name “adidas Combat Sports Gear” (ACSgear).

It was shortly afterwards that ACSgear sought out TM5150 to serve as the digital solutions provider for launching the ACSgear brand platform. While ACSgear knew that TM5150 had the creative and technical skills to build a successful brand online, it was TM5150’s experience working with brands that connect with a lifestyle and culture, as well as their connections with the targeted sports (MMA, Boxing, Jui Jitsu, Muay Thai) that made them the perfect partner.

TM5150 brought in Landis White, who has a long history training and fighting in the martial arts, as a Digital Strategy specialist. Together they worked with ACSgear to develop and implement a digital strategy that would help launch the brand platform, attract attention and grow a loyal following. This approach lead to immediate growth from direct sales within the first three months of the website’s launch.


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  • Industry: Sports
  • Located at: Floral Park, NY
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