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New Employee – Spencer Rysman

January 7, 2015

TM5150 welcomes Spencer Rysman hired on as our Designer.  Spencer is a transplant from Chicago and is eager to get working with us! To learn a little more about our new hire Spencer we asked him a few questions:

What was it about TM5150 that made you want to work for us?
It was a mixture between the company culture and the quality of work. Ultimately, I decided that not only would I want to work on the TM5150 team, but I would also choose them if I was a client. That’s when you know you’re joining a great team!

What has been your career path that lead you to TM5150?
I received an education in design in Chicago, then worked there for a few years. I couldn’t stand the cold anymore so I migrated to San Diego (sound familiar?). After working from home for a year, I decided I should try to be a people person again. I feel like I’ve found good people here.

What beer are you filling your growler with?
It depends on the weather usually. Lately a Newcastle has been sounding mighty tasty…

How do you spend your free time?
If I’m not visiting some other state, I like to explore locally. Southern California has so much to offer and I’m not running out of things to see or do any time soon!

You like to travel, where is your favorite place you have traveled?
Such a tough question for me.. I think I’d think have to say Rio de Janeiro – I’m a sucker for sunshine and great food.

If you were to receive a sound button for your desk, what would you want it to be?
I don’t know what this means exactly, haha. The first thing that comes to mind is that “easy” button. “That was easy!” – right? You guys are going to love my sense of humor…

What’s your favorite hex value?
I love all colors. That’s a non-answer, but I’m sticking to it.

Suggestions to be added to the playlist in the office:
I like a variety of music while I’m working, to keep the mood changing. Keeps me creative. Also I like other people to DJ so I can hear new music. I’ve actually heard you guys playing some good music so far, so that’s exciting. At this moment there is a country-ish sounding song playing from the “Top Hits” station. No more country please.

What website do you find the most design inspiration?
Can I say Google? I usually just type what I’m looking for and browse. I like Smashing for reading up on design theory and trends.

What is your favorite sports team and why is it the San Diego Chargers?
Sorry, it’s not the Chargers. I grew up in Indiana so I bleed blue. I’m for the Bulls and Blackhawks too.

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