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Do you have a mobile-friendly website? If not, you need one.

July 27, 2015

mobile-friendlyWith mobile browsing accounting for 60 percent of digital media time spent, it is now vital that your  website is optimized for mobile devices. If it’s not, then you can bet you’re business is missing out on a lot of opportunities.

What is All the Fuss About?

Considering the rise of mobile usage, it only makes sense that Google is working to reflect this shift in browsing behavior. On April 21, 2015, Google announced that their “mobile search algorithm” was updated to boost rank for websites that are “mobile-friendly”, while dropping rank for those that are not.

With this move, Google is saying that they are more serious than ever about evolving their search engine with the search behaviors of its users. Because of the high search volumes from mobile devices—which includes both smartphones and tablets—they are forcing businesses to evolve right along with the trend.

Why Does This Matter?

You know, some companies have remarked, “Hey. No one actually views my business from a mobile device, so how does this affect me?” To that we say: “Check your analytics!” Yes, this update is only reflective in mobile searches through Google, but not having a mobile-friendly site may be the exact reason why your business doesn’t get a high number of mobile searches.

Additionally, it’s important to note that the rise of mobile isn’t a fad that’s going away anytime soon. According to comScore, mobile usage increased by 20 percent from the previous year, showing the cultural shift from desktop to mobile devices is only increasing. While site relevance is still the most important factor for all Google searches, by updating your site to be mobile-friendly, mobile users will have a better experience with your site when updated.

How Do You Rank?

The one thing most people want to know right away is: ‘Am I compliant?’ To get an honest assessment, check out how Google sees your business site page-by-page by utilizing their Mobile-Friendly Test. This will give a better idea of how you are viewed by Google’s web crawler. Even if you think you are mobile-friendly, Google may tell you otherwise. It’s an important first step in ensuring your website remains where it should be in web search results.

Next, think about a redesign. It’s not just all about the mobile visitor, but it’s probably a good bet to base your design on a user experience that will work first and foremost for a mobile user. With TM5150 as a strategic partner, we can help manage the process of migrating you over in a way that makes sense for your business. Our team has executed several projects doing just that, with stellar results. Our work speaks for itself, so please check out a few examples of mobile optimized websites we’ve built: 686, Matix Clothing, adidas combat sports, jmc Inc., Fairtex.

Contact TM5150 today to get mobile optimized and increase your business opportunities.

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