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TM5150 2014 Icon Coaster Set

August 20, 2015

2014 Icon Coaster Set

In today’s competitive market it’s hard to find something you truly appreciate and would want for your beer to sweat on. TM5150 has the answer! Back because we know you want more! Our 2014 coaster bundle!! This bundle comes with 5 different coasters with icons that hardly have any reference but still look cool. This complete set comes with 5 different icon designs with TM5150’s contact info on the front, so it makes it impossible for you to forget about us.

For the low price of .99¢! Can you really find anything that cheap nowadays?

These things are going to fly off the shelves! So you better act now – don’t wait!

Here is a picture of Kelly’s elephant mug (not for sale) on a coaster with a coaster next to it to show how cool her mug is, and maybe to show off how awesome the coasters are.

Icon Coaster Set

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