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The TM5150 Small Business Platform and custom B2B web-app has supported Freeform's digital needs since 2012.


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Freeform is a printing company that provides creative marketing solutions for clients by supplying exceptional in-store visuals, both indoor and outdoor event graphics, large format marketing pieces and more. Working in such a competitive market, it is a must to have a website that features a portfolio of their work and information on their specialities.

Freeform was referred to TM5150 to develop and launch a new website that shows off their portfolio of work and that is easy to manage. For this project TM5150 partnered with Type G, an award winning design boutique, who provided the art direction and website design. Since launching the website in early 2012, it continues to serve Freeform well as the center piece of their online marketing efforts.

In early 2014, TM5150 built a B2B web-app on the same Small Business platform that supports the Freeform website. With the B2B web-app, Freeform can manage a extended portfolio of their work that showcases examples of different applications for the different industries that they specialize in. Sales reps can login and select specific samples to prepare for a presentation or create an order list while they meet with their client. This B2B web-app has greatly enhanced and streamlined their sales process.


Small Business platform
B2B Sales

Company Information

  • Client Since: 2011
  • Industry: Small Business
  • Located at: San Diego, CA
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